Chest Expander Training Guides

Interest in chest expander training has been growing steadily-and for many good reasons:

Expanders will make a fantastic addition to any training program because they can serve so many different purposes.  You can train the small (but important) muscle groups that don't get nearly enough attention as well as the larger, multi-joint POWER exercises that really contribute to impressive gains. 

A set of expanders will help you regardless of your training goals...whether you want to add 50 pounds to your bench press or get a quick pump up before hitting the beach--and everything in between.

All About Strand-Pulling
by Syd Devis

_____$29.99 plus s/h

Now, a few people had some questions on the chest expander tricep exercise that I mentioned recently. Thanks to our art department and the wonder of Adobe products, an animated gif is worth a thousand words:

Take a position where your upper arms are outstretched to the sides, parallel to the ground with forearms upright, perpendicular to the ground, almost like you are signalling "touchdown!" - or the top half of an "H"

Now grasp the expander with your palms facing outward and "press" or otherwise straighten your arms while bending only at the elbows--the finish position will be with each arm out straight out to the side like a "T".

This movement is effective for two reasons:

a) the tricep muscle is trained through a full range of motion in a perfect right-angled bio-mechanical position

and b) thanks to the nature of the stretched expander, the greatest resistance is in the contracted position and remains so-the tension doesn't "drop off" like it does with free-weight tricep movements.

This exercise is a fine one all its own but you can also use it fantastically well to pre-exhaust your triceps for other movements.

It hits the muscle fibers so efficiently that I should warn you that, after an all-out set, it will be several minutes before you will be able to comb your hair.

Chest Expander Training Guides