Hi John,

Here's something that you'll be interested in. I read your email today on "bulking up for football."

Have a look at this before-and-after example. Jordan Rapport came to me on January 4, 2014, wanting to get bigger and stronger to play football this year. Jordan is 16 years of age and weighed 184.5 pounds at a height of 6'2".

I put him on my 30-30-30 style of negative-accentuated training, which consists of 8 exercises, performed only one session a week. As you know, the 30-30-30 style is thoroughly explained and illustrated in my new book, The Body Fat Breakthrough.

Ten weeks later, Jordan weighed 206.5 pounds. His percent body fat went up slightly, from 9.8 percent to 10.3 percent, so he actually gained 19 pounds of muscle and 3 pounds of fat -- but look at the difference in his before-and-after photos.

Jordan increased the size of his chest by 2.5 inches, his upper-arms by 2.5 inches, and his thighs by 4.5 inches. Jordan is only one exemplary example among many who have gone through the program. Your readers may be very interested in these results and some may wan to to try out the program for themselves.

Thanks, John.

P.S. Your readers can order copies of The Bodyfat Breathrough Program from Amazon.com.

Results of Ellington Darden's Body Fat Breakthrough Program