Dr. Ken on the Top Squat

A number of years ago, bodybuilding legend Dave Draper offered a product to his many followers and readers of his books and blogs, called the TOP SQUAT.

Dave and I have been acquainted since 1962, have remained in contact for many years, and unlike most in the business, he and his wonderful wife Laree are as honest as the day is long.

Bodybuilding legend Dave Draper, gettin' it done with the Top Squat in a recent training session.

If one used the appropriate adjectives to describe either of them, it would read like a list of desired character traits because it would include words like: honest, sincere, considerate, well-meaning, helpful, passionate, and committed. These are also traits almost never found in the business world but the Drapers have brought many equipment and supplement products to their dedicated training followers which they believe are helpful and useful.

When the TOP SQUAT was introduced many years ago, I wrote:

"All of my trainees found the Top Squat very easy to use, convenient and comfortable, even while using weights in excess of four hundred pounds. The handles made control of the bar a non-issue. For those with shoulder problems and an inability to externally rotate the arm, the Top Squat is an extremely useful piece of equipment."

I was one of the first to purchase a TOP SQUAT so that my trainees could utilize it and we were impressed, especially with those athletes and specifically large football players, with existing shoulder problems.

I recall that I made a recommendation or two that led to the purchase of a second, TOP SQUAT, one that also secured better to the trainee. Now the latest version is available through John Wood and this is a winner.

For the purist who always scoffs at utilizing anything other than a barbell to squat, the TOP SQUAT should be considered a very comfortable alternative to use when something "different" is desired. For those who are more open minded and seek progress in training, using the TOP SQUAT provides a more comfortable squatting position.

For those who are just uncomfortable when squatting because of current or previous injury, the TOP SQUAT can be a true savior and we have had a number of players and former players who could no longer benefit from the squat as a regular part of their training program because they could not hold enough weight to make the movement productive. The TOP SQUAT resolved this issue with its balance, hand position, and dissipation of compressive force on the upper back.

From the day we received and first utilized, our crew has given the TOP SQUAT compliments and for some of our trainees, it is essential.

Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken on the Top Squat