The Strength Archive: a Small
Taste of Things to Come

Our good friend Brooks Kubik made a good suggestion recently, he thought that since many people might not be as familiar with some of the items that I've mention that a short video clip showing a few of them in real time would give a better idea of whats in store. I agree! -- so I grabbed a pile of stuff from the "to add" queue and shot this clip: hit the play button and check it out.

Fired up yet? You should be, we're talking dozens of courses and hundreds of pages of rare strength knowledge -- the kind of knowledge that will take your training to the next level! I believe this particular selection ranges from 1890 through the late 1960's, there's Indian club courses... wrestling courses... weightlifting... bodybuilding... gymnastics, a few rare Russian physical training books and plenty more. No matter how you want to train, we'll have something for you.  And these are just the tip of the iceberg! Doors open at 9am (est) on Wednesday, 13, May, 2015 - mark your calendar.

The Strength Archive: a Taste of Things to Come