We recently came upon a few copies of Muscletown USA which is an excellent history of the York Barbell Company by noted strength historian John D. Fair. This book is over 400 pages and was originally published in 2008, if you can find any copies on the rare book sites, they will usually fetch a high price tag, our copies, however, are pried to move asap.

If you're into strength training, one of the topics that you should know about is the history of the York Barbell Company. You see, from the 1930's to the 1980's, the capital of weightlifting in America was Muscletown USA: York, Pennsylvania, the home of the York Barbell Company. It was here that Bob Hoffman, the founder of York Barbell, propagated an ideology of success for Americans seeking physical improvement and taught several generations the value of getting stronger. Often called the "Father of World Weightlifting," Hoffman was a pioneer in marketing barbells and health foods.

Hoffman popularized weight training and inaugurated a golden age of American weightlifting. He elevated weightlifting from being just a circus performance to being a standard part of every young American's workout routine. Muscletown USA - part biography, part business history, and part sports history - chronicles how Bob Hoffman made York, Pennsylvania the Mecca of Strength culture for millions of followers worldwide.

This story should be read by anyone who has ever touched a barbell.

John D. Fair's Muscletown USA covers the entire history of Bob Hoffman and the entire York Barbell experience. You'll learn of Bob Hoffman's humble beginnings in a small town in Georgia, his upbringing, how he first became interested in physical training and how he made it through the "Great War."

You'll find out what first brought Bob Hoffman to York, Pennsylvania and how the York Oil Burner Athletic Club first came to be... the founding of Strength and Health magazine... the original "York Gang"... John Grimek... the York Picnics... the "Golden Age" of weightlifting... the Broad Street Gym... Hoffman's Hi-Proteen... Paul Anderson... Isometrics... and a whole lot more!

The York Barbell Company was more than just a business selling strength training equipment - it was a fitness phenomena that inspired and mentored millions of people around the world in their quest for strength. This book will help you learn all about it.

Muscletown USA by John Fair