The Great Spadoni

"The Great Spadoni," aka Paul Krause from Germany, was one of the great masters of lifting, balancing and juggling heavy weights, a discipline known as jongleurs de force.

One of his best known feats is pictured at the right:

To begin, he was driven upon the stage in a full-sized dog cart.  He then dismounted, removed the wheels -- which were then set spinning on pivots fixed to the points of the shafts --- lifted the dog cart in his arms and finally balanced it on his chin. 

While the balance aspect is certainly impressive (to say the least!),  the amount of whole-body strength involved in getting the cart into position in the first place and the level of neck strength necessary to keep it aloft, may be even more so.


The Great Spadoni balances a dog cart on his chin
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Author: John Wood

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