Now You Too Can Read of The Life and Thrilling Accomplishments of one of the Greatest Strength Champions who Ever Lived!

Quick quiz:

  • Who was the youngest weightlifting World Champion in history? ...

  • Which weightlifter was undefeated in international competition from 1938 to 1952? ...

  • Who won World championships in two different weight classes? ...

  • Which lifter at one time held every American, Olympic and World record in the heavyweight class? ...

  • Which lifter is only one of a handful of men to ever lift the famed railroad wheels of Apollon...

  • Which heavyweight lifter could do not one, not two, but THREE one-arm chinups? ...

  • Which world champion lifter trained by himself in a church basement with nothing more than an old barbell and homemade wooden equipment? ...
You might think we we'd have to empty out the Hall of Fame to answer all these questions but the fact of the matter is that all of these questions have the same answer: it was ONE MAN and his name was John Davis. With so many great accomplishments to his credit, someone somewhere should have written at least one book about him... but it has not been the case... at least until now...

Introducing: Black Iron:
The John Davis Story

Brooks Kubik, author of the ground breaking "Dinosaur Training," editor of The Dinosaur Files Newsletter and writer of dozens of training articles has long been a fan of John Davis -- as well he should be given Davis' accomplishments and long track record of amazing strength and power.

Brooks also wondered why no book on Davis had, as of yet, been written -- then it dawned on him that he would (and probably should) be the one to write it. After months of writing, thousands of miles traveling, hours of research and phone calls, it was finally finished: Black Iron: The John Davis Story and it is now available for you to learn and enjoy the life and accomplishment of this great champion.

Heavyweight Olympic Champion, 1948! The (long) road to Olympic gold begins on page 271

Davis challenged the immortals and lifted the famous Apollon Wheels, flip to page 323 for a ringside seat

Playing with a pair of 140+ pound dumbbells at Yarick's Gym. Turn to page 437 for info on Davis' training

At just under 500 pages, Black Iron covers John Davis' life in great detail: From humble beginnings to eventual Olympic and World Champion - there is also a special section of 16 rare pictures, many of which have never been published before.

How Did John Davis Train?

Rounding out this comprehensive biography is a special section all about the training of John Davis: a unique look into the actual workouts of a true super human:

...his philosophy, approach and beliefs about lifting... how many sessions per week and the specific days per week on which he trained... how he varied his program from week to week... his favorite exercises... his "go to" set and rep schemes... how he warmed up... how long he rested between sets... training while tired... training alone... how often to perform maximum attempts... how he trained the snatch... the two exercises he used to build pressing power... his favorite schedule for heavy squats... Davis' 1940 training program (never before published)... his diet... more awesome details...

There are few opportunities to learn EXACTLY how one of the strongest men who ever lived actually trained... and this is one of them.

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Black Iron: The John Davis Story

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Black Iron: The John Davis Story