Brooks Kubik has always been a Heavy Iron guy and was never particularly interested in bodyweight training. Around seven or eight years ago, he began experimenting with bodyweight training and bodyweight-only workouts, and developed some exciting new training techniques in the process. It was during these workouts that some very interesting things started happening, in fact Brooks started growing bigger and more muscular than ever before, and this was in his late 40's, AFTER a lifetime of heavy lifting.

This was a shocking development! Brooks was growing out of shirts and suits that had fit for many years and his arms, chest, shoulders and back were bigger and thicker at age 48 then they were when he was doing heavy powerlifting in his 20's and 30's. Brooks knew that many others would be interested in following in his footprints for this type of training and put all his ideas, experiences and workouts into a detailed course ~ the Dinosaur Bodyweight Training program was born!
The Dinosaur Bodyweight Training program is 8-1/2" x 11", 180 pages and is a veritable encyclopedia of body weight training exercises Over twelve lessons, you'll find bodyweight exercises for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees - and a few exercises that require world class strength to accomplish, and all demonstrated by Brooks Kubik himself.

Finishing out the course you'll find over 50 step by step workouts with plenty of detailed instructions to help you build strength and muscle - FAST!

You can place your order immediately online with the button above, but in case you would like a closer look, keep reading. Below, you'll find a more detailed look at the contents of each lesson as well as each workout provided:

LESSON ONE: Picture a Perfectly Powerful Physique
  • The factor that all success begins with
  • How a sickly young boy overcame his illnesses and became a strength champion
  • A famous example from history... The most important tip in getting started...
  • How to harness the power of visualization
  • A unique program to unlock your subconscious mind
  •  A simple way to determine your obstacles and how to overcome them
  •  The step you must take before embarking on Lesson two
LESSON TWO: The Forgotten Secret of
Successful Physical Training
  • The important secret that has worked for the author and hundreds of thousands of successful physical culturists over the last 100 years
  • Who was known as"Little Curly Head" ... and how was his life completely changed by taking up physical culture?
  • More famous examples: one young man whose knees were bigger than his thighs and he grew into a powerhouse ... another who was in a terrible accident who couldn't even lift 50 pounds at the beginning but later lifted more than 250 pounds overhead ... The 'Bag of Bones' who became a national weigfhtlifting champion 
  • An interesting tale out of old STRENGTH magazine: 'The Farm Boy and the Sledge Hammer,' and how he got fantastic results without even realizing it
  • The Skinny Kid who could barely do two pushups... find out how he became one of the top self defense instructors of all time
  • The Secret of Success ~ Revealed!
LESSON THREE: Twelve Keys to Successful
Strength Training and Muscle Building
  • Three reasons why 'Dinosaur Bodyweight Training' is different than just about every other training course availabel today
  • The factors of your success that you need to know beyond sets, reps and exercises
    * The Law of 'Progression,' and why it is critical to understand how to put it to work
  • Four different progression methods, including one used with tremendous success by George F. Jowett
  • How to employ progression with bodyweight training, getting stronger without barbells, dumbbells and exercise machines
  • How "Success Breeds Success" ... and the most effective method for making your training into a habit  and never miss a workout
  • How Brooks Kubik was able to take an inch off his waist without performing a single situp or even engaging in a regular workout
  • Why "Less is More" when it comes to training equipment... seven tips for putting your training area together ... the equipment that you will and will NOT need to get an effective workout
  • The absolute best place to train and why it probably isn't where you thing it is
  • The greatest single enemy of your training success, and how to avoid it easily
  • Brooks Kubik's "Heavy" classical music playlist
  • The Three simple factors -- which are free -- that can powerize your training
  • Two important factors for productive training -- the ones that hold most people back
  • How to utilize the 'Hammer and Nail' Mentality for unbelievable success
LESSON FOUR: Seven Secrets of Dinosaur Mind
Power That Will Triple Your Rate of Success
  • The amazing event that occurred to Brooks at the Jr. High track meet and how it changed his life forever
  • The power in intense concentration and how to strengthen the "Mind Muscle Link"
  • The 'one thing' that makes the difference between productive training and merely "going through the motions 
  • Twelve simple drills for strengthening your concentration just like you would strengthen your muscles
  • How Abraham Lincoln can help you get stronger
  • Winston Churchill and "The Iron Will to Succeed"
  • Developing a courageous mindset
LESSON FIVE: How to Powerize Your
Entire Body with Dinosaur Pushups
  • How each exercise in the course was chosen, and why this should be important to you
  • How many exercises should you do per muscle group? At last,  you'll receive the  answer to the age-old question
  • What it means to truly 'master' an exercise
  • Co-contraction, your nervous system and the secrets of your nervous system
  • Pushups and Life Force ... how to build Chi-energy with a simple bodyweight movement
  • How to perform "Tension" Pushups, one of the more incredible pushup variations
  • Over thirty different unique pushup variations, including many you have probably never heard of: Gorilla Pushups... Jowett Pushups... Ball Buster Pushups... and more!
LESSON SIX: Lift Yourself to New Levels of Strength
and Muscular Developmenyt with Dinosaur Pullups
  • The finer points of the exercise which "does the very best job of packing pulling power into the upper body"
  • Two reasons why it is important to balance out your development and the dangers of over development
  • The positive effect that pullups have on your spine and why no other exercise can match it
  • How and why you must 'master' the basic pullup before moving on to more advanced variations
  • How an old farmer from Kentucky built up to 100 consecutive pullups and how you can bring his lessons into your own training
  • Sets and reps recommendations for pullups
  • The scoop on two common items: one you need and one you don't need
  • Dozens of unique pullup variations including: horizontal pullups... feet elevated pullups... One-and-a-halfs... 5-5-5 pullup system... walking the bar... Yoga rope pullups... Dinosaur Power Holds
LESSON SEVEN: Forge Ferocious, Unrelenting Nerve Force and Titanic
Total Body Power by Training The Muscle of The Neck and Spinal Column
  • How and why neck training builds nerve force and why there is more to it that mere muscle building
  • How to perform neck isometrics and two different types of wrestler's bridge
  • "Rockers," The Superman Exercise, Prone Hyperextensions and half a dozen more exercises for strengthening your spinal column
LESSON EIGHT: How to Transform Your
Legs Into Twin Pillars of Power
  • The areas most neglected by trainees and why this is a grave mistake on several levels
  • One of the oldest, most beneficial and over-looked exercises in existence
  • "The Springing Tiger," Tiger Squats, Peak Contraction Deep Knee Bends, Rope Squats, Power Holds and more bodyweight leg exercises
LESSON NINE: How to Build Unlimited Strength,
Health and Fitness With Dinosaur Core Training
  • Why strength, health and fitness begin at the center of the body and the specific muscle groups that are and should be a necessary part of your total body training.
  • Four reasons why you need to build the strongest mid-section possible
  • Brooks' favorite "waist whittler" exercise which can be performed anywhere without any equipment needed
  • Twenty ways to to build stronger abdominal muscles with climbing ropes
  • Ten serious versions of "the plank"
  • How to perform the extremely effective "Dinosaur Rollout" exercise
  • One leg and arm extended pushups
LESSON TEN: How to Develop Fearsome Forearms,
Ferocious Fingers and Gorilla Gripping Power
  • Grip Training and mental intensity, the BIG squeeze, newspaper crushing, and the terrible towel
  • Ten different ways to perform fingertip pushups
  • How to perform Gorilla Holds, Mountaineer Pullups, Thick Bar Pullups, Thick Bar Gorilla Holds, and Finger Pullups
LESSON ELEVEN: How to Build Pulverizing
Body Power With Rope and Ring Training
  • The secret of Gorilla Hangs and Double Rope pullups
  • Ten kinds of gymnastic ring pullups
  • How to perform Dinosaur Planksm, T-Rex Rope Planks, and Dinosaur Rope
    Climb Planks
LESSON TWELVE: Fifty Tiger Tough Workouts That Will Build Super Strength, Ferocious Mind-Numbing Power, A Classic Physique and
Unlimited Health and Fitness Quickly and Efficiently
  • Notes on sets and reps, multiple sets of low reps, quality training, training for mastery, four-day training, five and six day training, divided workout schedules, abbreviated training, and beginners workouts and how to combine weight training and bodyweight training
50 Dinosaur Bodyweight Workouts
WORKOUTS 1-10 Total Body Training

WORKOUT NO. 11: Total Body Training with Leg Focus

WORKOUT NO. 12: Total Body Training with Pushup Focus

WORKOUT NO. 13: Total Body Training With Focus on Pull-Ups

WORKOUT NO. 14: Total Body Training with Focus on Group Work

WORKOUT NO. 15: Total Body Training with Core Emphasis

WORKOUT NO. 16: Total Body Training with Handstand Emphasis

WORKOUT NO. 17: Total Body Training with Neck Focus

WORKOUT NO. 18: Total Body Training with Back Focus

WORKOUT NO. 19: Total Body Training with Leg and Back Focus

WORKOUT NO. 20: Total Body Training with Arm and Shoulder Focus

WORKOUT NO. 21: Total Body Training with Leg and Chest Focus

WORKOUT NO. 22: Total Body Training with Chest and Back Focus

WORKOUT NO. 23: Total Body, Conditioning Focus

WORKOUTS 24-27: Total Body With Conditioning Focus

WORKOUTS 28-33: Total Body Training While Traveling

WORKOUTS 35-36: Core Training

WORKOUTS. 37-38: Leg and Lower Back Training

WORKOUTS NO. 39-40: Pushing and Pulling

WORKOUTS NO. 41-50: Weight Training and Bodyweight Exercises

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