Let's talk training -- serious training -- the kind of training that used to go on decades ago.

This training was basic, the equipment was crude by today's standards and there were certainly no miracle supplements yet the weightlifters and strongmen of years past could lift poundages that most modern trainees can't even budge today...

Today, however, we find that gyms have become glorified juice bars... good luck finding a power rack, or even a barbell for that matter... rows of dumbbells had given way to plenty of chrome, ferns and mirrors... and there are no shortage of pencil-neck pseudo-experts who wave around plastic dumbbells while making sure their designer headbands match their suede lifting belts...

But it sure doesn't have to be this way... If you're sick and tired of wasting time with "modern" training.... if you want to take things back... back to the Golden Age of training and build great strength like the strongmen of old then keep reading because have I got a book for you!

Brooks Kubik was a guy who was certainly serious about his training (that's him over on the right doing a few exercises that are guaranteed to get you kicked out of any gym: heavy one-arm dumbbell deadlifts and the "Farmer's Walk" with a pair of iron suitcases!)

After taking a hard look around the modern strength world, Brooks had enough -- ENOUGH! ...so he did the unthinkable: he sat down and began to write. Brooks had written plenty of training articles before, but this was something different entirely. His original goal was 50 pages, but that came and went by the end of the third day and he had more material to cover... a lot more. Fifty pages became a hundred, a hundred became two hundred and when all was said and done, he dubbed it Dinosaur Training -- because it contained training techniques that were all but extinct -- and once it hit the streets, the strength world was never the same...

The fact of the matter is that if you are serious about training, there really isn't anything for you in the "modern" world... so you'll have to go back to the old days. Dinosaur Training is a nod to the methods that were used to develop great strength before all the modern nonsense began. Whereas today many modern trainees argue til they are blue in the face about which brand of protein is best or how much of a pump they can get in a 2-hour workout, back in the day, lifters were only concerned about one thing: getting stronger.

The oldtime strongmen lifted rocks, logs, anvils, barrels... they trained their grip to be ferociously strong... the focused on adding weight to basic movements, their squat, their deadlift, their overhead press. They did heavy partial movements to build tendon and ligament strength in addition to the muscles -- these are the types of things you'll find in Dinosaur Training.

Many people train a certain way because they never learned otherwise... Dinosaur Training will open your eyes to a variety of techniques for building rugged strength that you never even knew existed:

Dinosaur Training Notes:

* What hard work is... and is not

* 2 types of abbreviated training styles that you can use for big gains

* The difference between hard work and "bunny" training

* What the name of the game is in training... and it's probably not what you always thought it was

* 2 approaches to poundage progression, and how to make sure the gains keep coming for a very long time

* Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced workout routines, all laid out step-by-step

* Want to know the "secret" of advanced gains? You'll be surprised at just how simple it really is

*How to make progress with multiple sets of low reps

* Reg Park and the 5 x 5 workout system

* How to use heavy "singles" to build maximum strength

* Why thick-bars "work" and how to implement them into your workout

* 10 grip exercises and a dynamite beginners program for future grip masters

* 6 advanced grip exercises for monster crushing power

* How to build real strength with logs, barrels, and heavy bags

* The tremendous value of basic exercises and which ones to avoid at all costs (since they are nothing but a waste of time)

* The biggest reason why most of modern training is unproductive, and three simple things you can do to change it

* What is the Dinosaur challenge? Are you up to it?

* 7 ways to "Be a Dinosaur" and how to crank the intensity of your workout up a notch or three

* The one characteristic that all Dinosaurs have in common - find out what it is 3 steps that will make your training more productive - instantly

* The #1 reason why most people give up and how you can avoid that like the plague

* What is the "Best" program?... you'll be surprised at Brooks' answer to this one

* All 12 Elements of Dinosaur Training explained in detail

* How to train with a water-filled barrel or keg - something which nearly put Brooks down for the count!

* Why hard work is necessary, and how to make sure you are getting the absolute most from your workout

* The 5 reasons people fail according to Dr. Ken Leistner - which is probably the most valuable lesson strength training can teach you

The topics listed above are also just the tip of the iceberg, I honestly can't think of another strength book written before or since which covers such a wide array of topics. Let me list a few more things for you to think about which are covered in the pages of Dinosaur Training:

Barrel lifting... one-arm thick bar work... Arthur Saxon... power rack lockouts and heavy partials... mental toughness... arm training... John Davis... advanced training... Peary Rader... George Hackenschmidt... Singles... The Mind-Muscle Link... Hammer Curls... Advanced Grip Exercises... Power Rack Training & Workouts... Harry Paschall... Parallel Squats... Heavy Back Work... The Sandbag Carry... Your Training Journal... Iron Will Training... Visualization... Genetics vs. Perseverance... Fads, Fallacies and Pitfalls... Doug Hepburn... Training Expectations...

As you can see, no matter where your interest in strength lies, there is something for you in Dinosaur Training - there are only a few "must have" training books but this is one of them, order your copy immediately and let the hard training begin!
Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik:

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Brooks Kubik

Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik