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Let's face it... most of the training info these days is written by (and for) muscle head goons. There is little 'there' for anyone who is serious about getting results and this is especially true for older lifters who have been around the block a few times and are tired of the latest "fads".

Without many places to turn for the right kind of training info, many older lifters have thrown their hands up in frustration... but now a completely new kind of training guide has come along to turn the tide in a completely different direction.

A Book for Older Lifters... and Not a Moment Too Soon!

Brooks Kubik famously wrote the modern classic Dinosaur Training back in 1996 which was and is the book that thousands upon thousands of trainees list as their strength bible. While the methods and techniques of Dinosaur Training have certainly stood the test of time, Brooks found that, as the years went on, some of the things that he once talked about needed to be adjusted a bit.

Of course, Brooks wasn't the only one interested and in this type of information, the entire generation of Dino trainees wanted (and needed) to hear it as well. Brooks looked high and low and when he didn't find what he was looking for he realized that he was going to have to be the one to write it. The result was a classic for a whole new generation: Gray Hair and Black Iron, which was written specifically with older lifters in mind.

Teaches You Exactly What to Do...and How to Do It

You sure don't have to be satisfied lifting soup cans or the ridiculously light plastic dumbbells that are often suggested for older lifters in the popular fare. Gray Hair and Black Iron is all about serious training at an advanced age. We're talking about gaining strength, adding muscle and staying injury-free, even if you happen to have a few more candles on your birthday cake. Here's a look at some of the material covered in Gray Hair and Black Iron

Chapter 1: Recovery and Recuperation for Older Lifters Why older trainees need a different type of training... Peary Rader's viewpoint on older lifters... The two most important keys to training success for older lifters... Why the training principles in this book apply to Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Strongman trainees, Bodybuilders and anyone else who ever lifted a weight... The area of the body that requires the greatest recovery time... An interesting point from Russian research on Olympic weightlifters

Chapter 2: Abbreviated Training for Older Lifters..
. The ideal workout length... How workouts have changed through time and a typical workout for Brooks... Favorite exercises... How to train with the Trap Bar... How to perform Divided Workouts in order to maintain enthusiasm

Chapter 3: Sets and Reps for Older Lifters...
Seven different approaches... The Seven Important benefits of low rep training... The best way to warm up... How to develop more precise movement patterns... Building the "Success" habit... How to get even better results by spending even LESS time at the gym... Tommy Kono's squat advice... Training for increased bone density... Strengthening the joints, tendons and ligaments

Chapter 4: More Straight Talk on Sets and Reps for Older Lifters... Examples of effective warmup sets... Singles, Doubles and Triples for Older Lifters... The rep range that gives the best balance between strength and power training and conditioning... the 5/4/3/2/1 training system

Chapter 5: Training Frequency for Older Lifters...
Brooks' usual weekly training schedule... Why Brooks like to train on weekends... The specific reason why Brooks doesn't back squat anymore and what he does instead... Joe Mills' advice

Chapter 6: The Best Exercises for Older Lifters, Part One...
Why a few changes need to happen in exercise choice as you gain experience... A good exercise to drop out of your program... Six examples of the best kind of exercise you can do... Training to preserve neurological function... Cardio Training with weights... Preserving perfect posture... Three exercises to leave out of your program, and the ones you should do instead... Preserving Athleticism and Mobility... How to maximize hormonal activity and the specific exercises that trigger this phenomenon... Ground-based training for older lifters... Where to find a qualified Olympic weightlifting coach in your area... The Miracle Machines and their results

Chapter 7: The Best Exercises for Older Lifters, Part Two...
The "old standby"... The exercises that most people avoid doing in the gym... Two different "styles" of squatting and advantages and disadvantages of each... How Olympic weightlifters train their legs... Something to avoid if you plan on deadlifting... Benefits of the Gerard Trap Bar and why heavy dumbbells and not an effective substitute... One of Brooks' absolute favorite exercises and details on performing it in your own training... The truly "old school" exercise for upper body power... John Grimek's favorite exercises... Combination exercises... Training with blocks

Chapter 8: The Role of Auxiliary Exercises... Should you be doing "bodybuilding" exercises? Brooks' answer may surprise you... Tommy Kono's training... Three different A/B/C 'Cardio" weightlifting routines to try

Chapter 9:
Unsafe at any age - Exercises to Avoid... The worst offenders of the commonly performed exercises that you'll see at just about every gym... The truth about Yoga, stability balls, depth jumps, the pec dec machine and many more

Chapter 10: How Heavy Should You Train...
An interesting point from one of the top Master's weightlifters in the world... One of the common mistakes that most lifters make, according to Tommy Kono... 10 Rules to lift (and live) by for older trainees

Chapter 11: Simple Cycling Programs for Older Lifters...
Why "Training Heavy" all the time is a mistake... Three different cycling program listing sets, reps and suggested starting weights, each designed to help you hit new personal records in several different lifts... The influence of job, family and other time constraints... A sixteen-week cycle... Alternating easy weeks and hard weeks... How an older lifter should determine a 1-rep max

Chapter 12: Sets, Reps, Weight and the Stabilizing Principle...
The absolute worst training mistake that Brooks ever made -- and how you can easily avoid making it work in your own training... How three sixteen year olds equaled one 47-year old... The 5 x 5 training system... Variations of 5 x 5 training... Reg Park's Training... 5 x 2 training and cycling

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Chapter 13: How to Warm Up Properly... Somethat that many older lifters neglect to do in every workout... The goal of a good workout... Step-by-step instructions... Warming up with a broom stick

Chapter 14: "Bury Me Big"...
Bob Hoffman's Quick Gain Weight... Hi-Proteen... John Grimek's example... When to bulk up and when to cut weight

Chapter 15: Cardio Training for Older Lifters...
A simple exercise to get you started... Cardio squats... the 5 x 10 squat program... Cardio Supersets for whole-body conditioning... Tri-sets and super-sets... Bodyweight conditioning... Using barbells and dumbbells for conditioning work... A complete cardio super-set program... PHA training: advantages and drawbacks... PHA workouts

Chapter 16: More Cardio Training Ideas...
How to use the "fives" technique for building strength, power and cardiovascular fitness... Fred Lowe's training... Power supersets... Pairing full-range movements with partial movements for interesting results... Twelve ways to combine barbell, dumbbell and heavy, awkward object lifting... Complexes... Breathing Squats and Joseph C. Hise, William Boone, John Grimek, John Davis, Louise Abele and Peary Rader... Five things you should know about breathing squats before you begin... Twenty-Rep Deadlifts... Lugging and Loading Workouts... Conventional Cardio Training... Staying active away from training

Chapter 17: Ten Training Programs for Older Lifters Who Use Athletic Style Exercises... The one constant throughout each workout... Programs based on the teachings of Harry Paschall and Bradley J. Steiner... "Cardio Training with Weights"... Abbreviated workouts... 4-Day Upper-Body /Lower Body Split routines... Circuit Training... Workouts for lifters 55 years of age and above

Chapter 18: Ten Basic Strength Training Programs for Older Lifters...
Workouts for lifters who are interested in strength and power, but who have limited equipment... Which adjustments can be made in each workout

Chapter 19: Ten Total Body Workouts for Older Lifters...
Workouts for age 60 and above... How to train hard but not too hard... The classic three-day per week program... Low volume training techniques

Chapter 20: Ten Circuit-Training Programs for Older Lifters...
Cardio Workouts without cardio machines... Bob Hoffman's Simplified System of Barbell Training... Where and how to add rope jumping to your training... A program based on Randy Couture's workout... A six-exercise circuit performed with dumbbells... Sandbag training cardio... Trap Bar Training

Chapter 21: Ten Ultra-Abbreviated Programs for Older Lifters...
Brief, too the point but VERY effective... Squats, front squats, and Trap Bar routines...

Chapter 22: Gut Check Time...
Three compelling reasons to get your waist-line in check... Dietary advice for losing bodyfat... How many times per day to eat... Supplements

Chapter 23:
Core Training for Older Lifters... What core training is and is not... What Brooks stopped doing crunches and what he does instead for abdominal training... Suggestions for heavy ab work

Chapter 24: Protecting Your Joints...
Tips on exercise selection... "Cycling" for older lifters... Seven ways to avoid overtraining... When to use ice after a workout... Straight talk on lifting belts, knee wraps, squat suits, bench shirts, knee sleeves, waistbands, sweatsuits and lifting shoes... Suggestions on what to do in case you should get injured... Coming back from an injury

Chapter 25: The Wrap Up

A Treasure Trove of Practical Strength Knowledge

As you can see, the topics that are covered throughout Gray Hair and Black Iron are extensive. Brooks left no stone unturned. We listed the tips and techniques that we found of great interests but there are undoubtedly other gems that you'll find as you flip through its pages -- and this is the type of book that you will flip through very often. Whether you need a quick workout incorporating just a few barbells and dumbbells, or a more detailed routine to add some poundage to your top bench press, you'll find more than FIFTY different workouts which run the gamut. Simply pick the one you need and get to work.

Not JUST for Older Lifters Though...

We've listed many pages worth of reasons why Gray Hair and Black Iron should be in every older lifter's strength library but the fact of the matter is that the advice contained within it is for lifters of any age. The name of the game here is usable, practical, time-tested training info built on common sense and most importantly of all, results. The workouts can be performed "as is" or adjusted as needed, either way, this is just the type of information that every lifter should here.

Too often, lifters spend the second half of their training careers trying to make up for the mistakes they made up in the first half... Gray Hair and Black Iron is the type of book specifically written to help anyone avoid those mistakes in the first place. Besides, if you don't need the book right now, the fact of the matter is that you will at some point.

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Gray Hair and Black Iron is 310 pages in length and contains the 25 chapters covered in details above. The book is a 8-1/2-inch by 5-1/2 inch trade paperback with a heavyweight glossy cover. There are no illustrations. All that's left to do now if for you to take action. You can order your copy online or give us a call any time during normal business hours. Grab your copy today!

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