This Man...

Swung a pair of 3-pound, 6-ounce Indian clubs for 100 consecutive hours... he did not sit down... he did not take a water break... he did not stop for even a second... he kept his clubs moving at an average of 80 repetitions a minute for the entire duration... after accomplishing this amazing feat, he became known as "The King of Clubs" ...

His name was Tom Burrows, and while he was obviously pretty good at the clubs, he was deffinitely no one-trick pony:

Burrows won the light-heavyweight wrestling championship of

Australia ..numerous boxing competitions... swimming events... the

mile run... high-jumping... broad jumping cricket... gymnastics... fencing...

He was what was once referred to as an "all-rounder" because of his tremendous success in a variety of sports and activities.

Through it all, Burrows maintained that club-swinging exercises "are the finest preparation for all branches of athletics requiring stamina, agility or speed."

I would certainly agree. While I am certainly not an expert in the magnitude of Mr. Burrows, I have been swinging the clubs for a long while now. To me, swinging Indian Clubs stands out among physical training techniques because it is not only convenient, but also a lot of fun, so "sticking with it" is not an issue like it is with some other forms of training.

The clubs are convenient, so you can do them pretty much anywhere and it is also very rewarding knowing that you are doing something good for your body when you use them.

But aside from these benefits, the clubs are a tremendous way to build strength and condition your body. Graceful Indian Club movements help keep the joints strong and supple, and they certainly build tremendous stamina and toughness, especially when done for time.

His Name Was...

In the early 20th century, Burrows wrote several training courses on the clubs, in the hopes that others would come to understand their benefits.

A while ago, we were lucky enough to come across a copy of one of Tom Burrows' rare club swinging courses and today, we are proud to make "The Textbook of Club-Swinging" once again available to a modern audience.

In "The Textbook of Club-Swinging" Burrows
covers all the information that one would
have to know to use the clubs successfully.

These include:

The basic movements, notes on form and
technique, combinations, proper grip, hints
for instructors (in case you want to teach
others or start your own class) and
even information on endurance club
swinging (which Burrows was famous for.)

Our modern reprint edition is brief and to
the point, clocking in at 78 pages, 4" x 6",
fully illustrated with rare pictures and
printed on heavy weight paper for the
many times that you will thumb through
it for information.

The glossy color cover is an entirely new
design... If you are into Indian Clubs as
much as we are, you simply must have
The Textbook of Club-Swinging in your
training library!

The Textbook of Club-Swinging

Textbook of Club-Swinging

The Textbook of Club-Swinging by Tom Burrows
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Tom Burrows

The Textbook of Club-Swinging by Tom Burrows